2019 and the Year Ahead…

I temporarily abandoned this site and, for that, I apologize.

I have been rocked by a series of events where I was basically left speechless and unable to process my own emotions. I also went through a mini-depression this winter.

Another thing dividing my focus is I have taken on the challenge of writing a column for an amazing website called, The Good Men Project. Their focus is on helping men navigate what the world is asking of them as we go through these constant changes in consciousness. I feel honored to be a voice of guidance.

I will be reposting the posts here.

None of these are excuses for not continuing to share my thoughts and lessons with this blog. And, I promise to be better.

This year for 2019, I am working on my own inconsistency and hesitation to commit. So, I challenge myself to be loyal and dedicated to producing content for this site.

Thank you for baring with me. I will do better. 

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